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‘Every minister I met in Africa asked for more schools’


This article is related to Gulen Schools.

It is well known that Gulen Inspired Schools have become very prestigious and respectable educational establishments wherever they were opened. In Africa these schools enjoy especially high popularity. The schools provide such a superior education and have earned such a big trust that many African top officials prefer to send their children to these schools. Foreign Trade Minister of Turkey Zafer Caglayan shares that during his visit to African countries “every minister he met asked for more schools” to be established in the region.

Every minister I met in Africa asked for more schools

“I meet with my colleagues in every African country I visit. The common wish they all have is for more [Turkish-run] schools to be opened. I care very much about these schools. I visit them every time,” Çağlayan, who is on an official visit to Nigeria, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea, said during his visit to a Turkish college in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja. Explaining the importance of Turkish schools in these countries, Çağlayan said: “The children of almost all ministers and other high-ranking officials in Africa are educated in these schools. It may be that the ministers and prime ministers of the future will come from among them.” Hikmet Çoban, general director of all Turkish schools in the country, briefed Çağlayan and the delegation accompanying him abo