Bedspreads Coverlets

Bedspreads coverlets are decorative covers for beds. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and different designs and looks. Likewise, bedspreads coverlets can be made from different types of fabrics: silk, cotton, satin, velvet, etc. Coverlets can also have intricate embroidery, patchwork, and other ornamentation that enhances the appearance of the coverlet.

And when it comes to the quality of bedspreads coverlets, usually the higher quality bedspreads coverlets are more expensive but they can still be fairly affordable. Coverlets can range from being thick and plush to light and silky with everything else in between.

However, silk bedspreads coverlets are harder to take care of while cotton bedspreads coverlets are more durable and have a tendency to last longer. And cotton coverlets are warm in the winter and cool enough to be used in the summer due to the fabric being breathable. So silk coverlets are more for formal use and decoration while cotton coverlets are more for everyday use.

Furthermore, there is the option of buying organic cotton coverlets that are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. In this category of organic bedspreads coverlets, bamboo coverlets are also coming.

Bamboo is more natural and organic than cotton and has the natural tendency to resist bacteria. Velvet and satin bed coverlets are the luxury in your bedroom.

Moreover, bedspreads coverlets come in different styles such as quilts, woven, crochet, matelasse, etc. Quilt coverlets have become very popular because they beautify the room and are comfortable to use.
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Quilts coverlets are made from the two layered fabric that has sheet of insulating material in between. These layers are sewn together by quilting. Whereas woven coverlets have the design woven into the fabric itself, and the design is usually simple.

Crochet bedspreads coverlets usually look like lace and the design can be from simple to complicated and floral. To make crochet coverlets, the lower layer is that of cotton and the crochet coverlet is just like an additional cover on this.

Matelasse bedspreads coverlets for bedding is seen as a symbol of royalty. It actually looks like quilting but in matelasse coverlets the designs are imprinted on the fabric which actually gives the touch of class.

So to make matelasse coverlets the prints are embossed on the fabric that look very unique. Matelasse bedspreads coverlets can have diamond, geometric, floral and other prints on it. Cotton, silk, wool, Italian silk, and Egyptian cotton are extensively used to make the matelasse bedspreads coverlets.