Gulen Charter Schools Myth

Gulen Charter Schools or Strategic defamation of Fethullah Gulen

It is quite interesting that a defamation campaign has recently started even though Fethullah Gulen has been living in United States for more than ten years and charter schools have started their operation long time ago. But now, those some successful charter schools are being labeled as Gulen charter schools. But why?

What is the fact? What is a “Gulen Charter School”?

Fethullah Gulen emphasizes importance of Education in every occasion and he suggests opening schools. That’s how, many schools have been established around the World.

There are significant differences between a typical Gulen Inspired School (aka Gulen Schools) and a Publich Charter School in terms of Governance, Funding, Operation, Curriculum, and Accountability (see a comparison chart below). So, any charter school cannot be profiled as “Gulen Caharter School” or “Gulen Movement Caharter School“. But those attackers don’t see these differences. Or, they just don’t want to see differences in order to misdirect people and run their “smear campaigns” by labeling some public charter schools.